My personal reading challenge for 2018

In 2017, I set myself up for a reading challenge at  Goodreads forum along with other friends and users. And I failed. Quite hard. My aim was to read 20 books in 2017 and in the end I finished hardly 10. Why was a I doing so miserable? Better question might be: Why did I want to make a race out of reading? After all, my goal was to read more again and feel the pleasure of “getting lost” in the pages and time while reading. With this challenge reading felt more like a chore and with my ambitious long-term goal I always felt guilty being far away from reaching that magic number of 20.

This year it will be different, I decided. I started again, but small. At the beginning, I gave myself a goal to read ten pages a day. This approach worked quite well early in the year together with all my new year’s resolutions. First book of 2018 I finished on January 14 and I was proud. It was a beautiful novel by Irène Némirovsky about love during time of war. It was a great book to start and afterwards I read many others. March 2018, I no longer hold myself to this strict rule of reading 10 pages a day. I do not have to. Once I pick up a good book I would not put it down so quickly. There are days when I come home after work tired and all I can do is to scroll through my Instagram feed. On another days however I truly experience the pleasures of reading mentioned before and I read more than 50 pages at once.

I set myself a new goal, however. I have noticed my memory is quite short and often I forget what I was reading one month before.  Therefore, I want to make a reading diary of all good books I will have finished. I use for this mainly my Goodreads account. What helps me as well is to discuss the books I am reading with my friends and therefore I want to share my notes at this website for them. With my reading drive lately I am in constant search for good reading recommendations. I find good book tips at the website of Tai Lopez, but would also like to get more sources of inspiration. So if you know any, please let me know in the comment section below… and stay tuned for my book reviews! 🙂

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