Genetics, or the only sure Inheritance you might get

“Isn’t that fascinating?” my sister asked me waving with her hand in the air and gazing at her bone structure moving underneath her skin. “No, not at all.” I laughed in her face and turned away to get some more sleep. Seemingly unimportant childhood memory, yet so revealing. Unlike me, my sister dazzled by biology and chemistry became a pharmacist. However, when it comes to genetics, even hard-headed economist like me could not resist to learn more. It is a topic close to everyone. Inheritance, How our Genes Change our Lives and our Lives Change our Genes was a page turner.

Using common language, scientist and physician Sharon Moalem, introduces you to curious cases of his medical practiceMeet Ethan, boy with XX chromosomes, who might change your binary view of the world. Chef Jeff will tell you that there is no one-size-fits-to-all diet or medication. Especially, when you have high cholesterol and hereditary fructose intolerance that you are not aware of. All of Moalem’s cases will make you curious about yourself and your family history. Because no one is average according to him. All of us inherited something. As researchers from Zurich examining mouses found, a trauma in one generation was genetically present two generations down the line. But wait for a while with genetic testing and think twice. As Moalem suggests, with genetically proven disorders your insurance premium might rise significantly. For you as well as your children.

This book is a worth read till the very end. In the very last chapter, Moalem expresses compassion with all his patients and finds a subtle meaning to their suffering. Without their odd illnesses, we would be missing much progress in developing cures for common diseases such as high blood pressureLast but not least, if all the aforementioned did not persuade you to read the book, you might also want to pick it up in case you want to climb Mount Fuji one day 🙂 Because Sharon Moalem did, and he also shares his experience about that.

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