Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau (audio book review)

Last year I signed up for a Goodreads reading challenge (more on that in my post here) and since I was quite behind my goal of finishing 20 books that year I was searching for a way to  speed up my reading. So I have started listening to audio books while dog walking Dexter.  You might call that cheating, I call that proudly time saving

I have soon learned, that you cannot listen to just any kind of a book while throwing stick for Dexter and picking up poop after him. There are just books more suitable for listening and then there are books that need my full attention. I find non-fiction books the most suitable genre for audio listening.

Today I have finished listening to the tender voice of Chris Guillebeau (uh, I have to always double-check spelling of his name!) on Swedish app, Storytel which also contains books for English speakers. I saw Chris on Marie Forleo show and was so impressed by his authenticity as a person as well as sound advice he gave that I immediately subscribed to his podcast #SideHustleSchool.

In the book, which is very similar in content to the podcast, Chris explains simple steps how to develop a “side hustle”, i.e. additional source of income. He takes you on a journey from side hustle idea creation and assessment to actual implementation. Indeed, this book is not just another “nice-to-know” read, but a serious practical game-plan with many real life examples of people practicing side hustles.

Just to name a few, I was fascinated by story of a guy who benefited from writing recommendations for fish tanks on his personal website. Another smart young man crafted CV’s in his spare time and later scaled up his business by creating CV templates  for his customers to attract potential employers. But you do not have to have a brand new unique idea according to Chris. He mentions strategies to boost up also services as simple as giving guitar lessons or dog walking (I should think about that one…)

What I like most about the book however, is that Chris calls for action from the beginning till the very end. So you might ask, “OK Alice, this is all great, but did you actually start any side hustle?” To be honest, no. Not in the sense Chris defines a side hustle, i.e. activity that I could actually monetize. On the other hand, I developed a new hobby, which is writing this blog and thanks to the book Side Hustle I have now many ideas how to bring it forward. So as always stay tuned 😉

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