The Subtle Art of YouTube Book Recommendations

I am a regular YouTube consumer, I mostly listen to it as a background when doing some housework. I enjoy watching my subscriptions, even more so I was delighted when some of my favorite influencers started making book recommendations. Soon I have found that being a successful YouTuber does not immediately imply having a great taste in literature.

One of the most suggested books recently was “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***k” by Mark Manson. I was curious about it after hearing all those fantastic reviews on YouTube. Soon I have searched for the audio-version on Swedish app StoryTel and voilà I was listening to it! Unfortunately, I soon found out this book is so overrated. Originally, I wanted to write a whole post about it, but I decided to devote my time and space on this site to books that actually added value to my life. So I stop here 🙂

To bring this post a bit on the positive note, there are YouTubers that make good book recommendations. For example fashion designer Justine Leconte introduced me in one of her monthly inspirations to Kurt Tucholsky. I did not finish his book yet, so I might add more in the future. Funny entrepreneur Tai Lopez  made me read about genetics, more on that in my post here. And there may be others that you know, so please share!

This post was not supposed to be a rant. Pardon me, if you get the impression. YouTube was not made to give book recommendations. There are other media for that, I get that. Maybe next time I hear a so-called influencer praising a book, I should visit Goodreads or read any other review, before spending my precious time on that. 🙂

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